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The respectful culture of the environment revives and accentuates the close relation between vine and geology.
It thus gives again all its direction with the soil, so often evoked but if little protected, bases real classified wines controlled.
The most typified pieces thus are identified and isolated to give rise to our range.
All our Field is certified :
logo ECOCERT in biological agriculture by ECOCERT
logo BIODYVIN in biodynamics by BIODYVIN
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All vintages are prepared without the addition of sugar, no pitching, no input whatsoever, except a small dose of pain. Only the Traditional Method receives Yeasting for the resumption of the second fermentation in the bottle, but it n 'there no liquor circulation.

We have more and more problems achieving AOC accreditation as do many biodynamic winemakers. Paradoxically, the more natural the method of winemaking , the more the wines reflect the real identity of the soil, the less likely they are to get the appellation !
The only freedom allowed to us by French legislation to create a new style of wine is through the range “zéro pointé”.

Many wine shops and trust us sell our wines, we encourage you to contact them if they are near you, and you save postage and encourage them to do their job of discovery and link with the growers.


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The A.O.C wines

The wines of France

Although fierce defender of Appellations, for many reasons, we decided not to present the wines after the approval of AOC.

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